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Rurouni Kenshin Recs:


Newest recs added to the end of the list.

Fever Dreams
Author:  Sekihara Tae
Genre:  Drama/Action/Romance
Pairings:  Kenshin/Kaoru, mentions of Kenshin/Tomoe
Status:  Complete 
Spoilers:  Kenshin's past (Jinchuu arc of manga, Tsuioku Hen OAV)

When most of the Kenshin-gumi succumbs to illness, Kaoru and Megumi must care for them.  In addition, the fever brings old demons back to haunt a certain rurouni.


I really like this piece.  Seeing Kenshin in such a state is rare, and it's interesting to see how everyone handles it.


Title:  Recovery
Author:  Haku Baikou
Genre:  Drama
Pairings:  One sided Megumi/Kenshin, mild Kenshin/Tomoe, mild Kenshin/Kaoru, could-be Sanosuke/Megumi  (All largely on level with canon)
Status:  Complete
Spoilers:  For the Kyoto arc

As Kenshin recovers from his wounds after his duel with Shishio, his friends sense a threat and take precautions for his safety.


Oh, wow...a good, long, Megumi centric fic.  This is so nice.  And it's really neat...Megumi's the protagonist, but there's still typical RK-type plot going on; like, the only difference is that she's actually there, and it's from her perspective.  Lovely.  Also?  Loving the interaction between Megumi and the other characters...Sano and Hiko, especially.  (Megumi+Hiko friendship...who would have thought?)


Title:  Descent Into Madness
Author:  Conspirator
Genre:  Drama/Angst
Pairings:  Some Kenshin/Tomoe, but mostly gen
Status:  Complete
Spoilers:  For the first OAV and the manga equivalent

When Kenshin first came to Kyoto, he was a wide-eyed, idealistic youth. How did he change into a hardened hitokiri?


Oh, wow.  I didn't know how badly I wanted a fic like this until I read it.  Kenshin, during the Bakumatsu.  How he went from the sweet, naive kid he was to the hardened assassin that he became.  Very, very cool.  I really love how this author writes him.  <3