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Recs By Series

I've divided my recs first by the type of source material, then by series.  Crossovers are in their own section.  Most series are then split into sections for different pairings and gen.


.:Anime/Manga:. - Glaring Dream started out as an anime/manga rec site, and the bulk of the content is still in this section.

~ Bleach * Death Note * DragonBall (Z/GT) * Escaflowne * FAKE * Fullmetal Alchemist * Gravitation * Gundam Wing * Inu-Yasha * Magic Knight Rayearth * Naruto * Ranma 1/2 * Rurouni Kenshin * Sailor Moon * Saiyuki * Slayers * Weiss Kreuz * Yami no Matsuei * Yoroiden Samurai Troopers * Yu Yu Hakusho * Yuugiou ~


.:Books:. - I'm an avid reader, but for some reason I'm not involved in many book fandoms.  That may change some day, but for now, this section's a bit small.

~ Harry Potter * Maximum Ride * Temeraire ~


.:Cartoons:. - I blame Nickelodeon for this.  I would probably never have needed a Cartoons section if not for Avatar.  And, yet, here it is.

~ Avatar: The Last Airbender * Beetlejuice * Darkwing Duck ~

.:Comics:. - I am officially impressed...I never imagined that I'd be reading fic for a comic book series.  I've never really gotten into any comics; I usually do well with their movie adaptations, but not so much with the comics themselves.  Then, along comes Watchmen...and now I need a comics section.

~ Watchmen ~



.:Games:. - I mostly only play long, plotty RPGs, so those will be the main focus of this section.  I tend to gravitate to SquareEnix games, though I do branch out occasionally.

~ Final Fantasy VII * Final Fantasy X * Kingdom Hearts * Legend of Zelda * Okami ~

.:Live Action (TV & Movie):. - Wow...um.  I never expected this.  For some reason, I've always have trouble getting into live action fandoms.  And then The Sentinel came along and blew that totally out of the water...so, here we are.

~ Buffy the Vampire Slayer * The Sentinel ~






.:Crossovers:. - I love crossovers, provided they're well done.  I'll generally cross most any fandom that I'm familiar with, even some that I don't normally read fic for.


.:Miscellaneous:. -  Every so often, I'll come across a good fic for a fandom that I'm not involved in.  Those will go here, unless I gather enough of the same type to start a new section.
.:Missing Links:. - Incomplete recs.  These are for fics that I want to rec, but that I've lost the link to them.  I put them up here, because (1) they're already written, and (2) I hope that maybe someone will recognize them, and be nice enough to send me the link.  Pretty please?  =D