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Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are some common questions that I receive about the site, or how I do things.  If you've got a question not answered here, feel free to email me.


Why a fic rec site?

Because I've found some really great fics that I'd have never found otherwise, via rec sites.  And because there aren't nearly enough rec sites out there.  I want to contribute what I can, so that maybe someone else will be able to find some great reads that they'd have missed, otherwise.  Also, I just love to squee about fics that I love. <3  If I can do that, and be helpful at the same time, why not?

What kind of fics do you rec?

Basically, anything I read for.  The anime/manga section has the most recs at this point, but that's where I started reading fic, so it's not surprising.  I've also got sections for games, cartoons, books, and TV shows.

What kind of info do you give about a fic?

I try to give all the information that I tend to look for before reading something.  First of all are the basics; title, author, genre, and summary.  I'm pretty pairing-sensitive, so I always list the pairings in a fic.  Another big thing is spoilers.  If I'm reading in a fandom that I haven't seen/read all of the source material, I tend to tread very carefully.  I try to list as completely as possible what parts of the source would be spoiled by a fic.  Also, since I know some people don't like reading unfinished fics, I also note whether the fic is in-progress or finished.  Finally, I give some notes of my own on the fic; what I did or didn't like, or whatever else I want to say about it.  But make no mistake; no matter what I may say about it in my notes, if it's here, that means that I liked it.

Why don't you warn for mature content/rating/etc.?

A few reasons.  First of all, my tastes are fairly tame.  I squick kind of easily, so there's not too much "objectionable" stuff in the fics that I like.  Check out the list of my squicks to get an idea of what you won't be seeing here.  About all I could warn for is yaoi/yuri, which since I do list pairings, would be rather redundant.  On the rare occasion that I rec something featuring a squick of mine, I will make note of it.  ('Cause I'll be going, "Wow!  Someone managed to write about a subject that I hate, in a way that I enjoyed reading it!  Who would have thought?")

As for the rating, I stopped taking notice of that years ago.  I'm plenty old enough to read higher rated fics, and have been for some time, so it's not something that concerns me much.  Usually, the things that squick me get mentioned in any warnings, so there's little need to worry if they aren't.  If you're too young to read higher rated fics, or are offended by things often featured in them (like vulgar language, sex, violence, etc.), then it's your responsibility to note the rating and decide if you want to read it or not.  Just keep in mind that I read and rec fics of all ratings.

Why don't you write some recs for [insert series]?

There are plenty of possible reasons.  Maybe I've never seen/read that series.  Maybe I just didn't like it.  Maybe I am a fan, but haven't found any fics that I wanted to rec yet.  Maybe you could help me with that. =D

Why do you have a ton of recs for [this series], but only a couple for [that series]?

Maybe I like [this series] better than [that series].  Maybe I'm involved in the fandom of [this series], but not the fandom of [that series], which means it's harder for me to find fics for it.  Maybe I have more fics to rec for [that series], but I haven't got around to it yet.  ^^;;

What kind of pairings do you ship (i.e., yaoi, yuri, het, etc.)?

I like all three, honestly.  In order of what I read the most, I'd say it goes yaoi, then het, then yuri.  I don't like threesomes, so don't expect to see any of those.  I only occasionally read love-triangle fics, so there probably won't be many of those, either.  If any of these bother you, you can avoid those recs by checking the 'pairing' tag on each one.  And for the series with more recs, I've divided them by pairing.  So, again.  Easy to avoid what you don't like, or find what you do.  ^_^

Hey, I know of a fic you'd love!  Can I tell you about it?

Sure!  If you know of a fic that you think I'd like (based on my tastes), then feel free to email me.  Just put something pertaining to the site or fic recs in the subject, so I don't delete it.  If I like it, it'll eventually end up with a rec here.  ^_^

Hey!  The link you gave doesn't work!

I'm aware that there are may be some broken links on the site, but... to be honest, the site is pretty big at this point and I just don't have the time or energy to weed them all out. If you can provide me with the page the rec is on and a new link for it, I can go fix it up real quick, but if not...well, you looking for it will give you a result faster than waiting for me to do it.  Which is why I leave the recs up, in case the story has simply moved and you still want to find it, rather than just erasing all mention of the fic from the site.

Hey!  The link you gave is for LiveJournal, and it says I need to log in to view this page!  What the hell?

If at all possible, I try not to link to friends-locked LJ entries.  But sometimes, I just can't find the fic posted anywhere else.  Not to mention, authors sometimes go back and lock old entries; it's entirely possible that the entry was public when I added the link.  I'm leaving these links, though, so that you can still read the fic, if you're willing to go to the extra trouble.  If, however, you know of another place (not on LJ) that's hosting these fics, I'd appreciate it if you'd send me the link, so I can add it.  <3

There's a listing for [this series] on the recs page, but no link.  What's up?

If there's no page linked for a listing, that means that I haven't made a page for it yet.  ^^;;  I tend to go ahead and add the series to the listing for my own benefit, so I'll remember that I've got fic for it.

What's this 'Missing Links Recs' page?  There aren't any links!

Sometimes, as I'm going through my files and writing recs, I'll go to add the link, only to realize that I can't find it.  This happens more often with older fics.  Since I've already written the rec, and so I don't forget about it, I've put these on their own page.  I decided to link to it on the Recs page, because I hope that maybe some of you might know where I can find these fics.  If you have any of these links, send them to me?  Pretty please?  =D

Why do you divide the sections by pairing?  Why not by genre/rating/etc?

With a number of titles, I would have to divide the sections somehow, due to their size.  Dividing by category makes sense, because it allows you to easily find the type of fic that you're looking for, or to avoid the type that you dislike.  As for the reason I chose pairing/gen for the category, well...I'm a pairing-freak.  Most of what I read is pairing-fic.  Likewise, I usually go looking for fic with a specific pairing in mind.  So, that seemed the logical way for me to do it.

Why are there pairing fics in the gen sections?!

I'll put pairing fic in the gen section for two reasons: if it's ambiguous, or if it's not the point.  Some fics can be interpreted as being shippy, or gen, depending on the reader.  Those usually get listed in both places.  And some fics contain canon pairings, but the romance isn't the focus of the story...basically, if it's on the same level as canon, it'll get listed in both places.