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Darkwing Duck Recs:


Newest recs added to the end of the list.

Title:  When You Least Expect It and Flapping in the Nightmares
Author:  PhantomPhan
Genre:  Drama/Action
Pairings:  None
Status:  Complete, WIP
Spoilers:  None

When You Least Expect It

An old enemy is back, a dangerous new ally arrives, and the lives of two opposites are intertwined. Let's get dangerous.

Flapping in the Nightmares

Sequel to "When You Least Expect It". Sometimes it's hard to keep a revenge-crazed cyborg down, as two caped ducks soon find out.


I like the tone of this; it captures a lot of the things I liked about the series.  (The action, the silliness, DW and LP's friendship, the father-daughter bond between DW and Gosalyn)  Though, I will say...I'm kinda iffy on the OC.  While, I'll agree that someone was needed to explain about the artifact and to help out later, there were times that it just felt a little...off, to me.  I can't quite put my finger on it...but, either way, it's a good fic.  ^^;;  Oooh, and in the sequel, the bits with the Fearsome Five were just hilarious.  <3


Title:  Like Father, Like Daughter
Author:  Vixen
Genre:  General
Pairings:  None
Status:  Complete
Spoilers:  None

Drake is a bit apprehensive when Gosalyn wants to don her Quiverwing Quack identity again.


Aww.  I'm such a sucker for the father-daughter bond between DW and Gosalyn.  <3