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Welcome to Glaring Dream, my fanfic recommendation site. I've loved reading fan fiction for almost as long as I've been online...Only problem is, there's so much badfic out there, it's often difficult to find anything worth reading. I've stumbled across one or two rec sites, and they were a true asset. Thing is...there really aren't enough of them. Hence, Glaring Dream was born. By sharing some of my favorite fics, hopefully I can make someone else happy. ^^


Absolutely insanely huge update this time!  I added a ton of new sections, as well as updated a bunch of existing ones.

Updated pages:


Finally finished the new layout.  =D

Updated pages:

  • All of them!


New layout~!  It'll take me a while to get the site changed over, so I'm posting this in a different folder, for now.  Once I'm all done, I'll switch it out to the main folder.

Updated pages:

  • Only a few, so far.